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What can my holiday home be used for?
Caravans at our park can only be used for holiday purposes. This means they may not be used as someone’s main residence. That is why we ask you about the address of your main residence and will continue to do so while you own the caravan/lodge.

What is class as a holiday?
A holiday is a period of recreation away from your main residence, during which no work is done. This does not include retired individuals

Can I run a business from my holiday home?
No as this would go against the intended use of a holiday home. However if you need to keep in touch with your business/work this is allowed.

How long can a holiday be?
Individual circumstances can vary. The point is that someone who is on holiday has their main residence elsewhere, where they mainly live.

Do I need a TV license for my holiday home?
No providing you already have one at your main residential address.

Can I fit a satellite dish?
Yes but only floor mounted. Freesat and sky dishes are permitted.

Can I work locally, and my children go to a local school?
No, as commuting to work or school from The Orchards would be taken as a strong indication that the holiday home is being used as a main residence.

My main residence is overseas, does this count?
Yes, but all the facts are relevant when deciding whether the overseas property or the holiday home is your main residence. These would include whether you own the overseas property or is it rented, then how long you have rented it for, how much time you send in the holiday home and how much in the overseas property.

Can I have post delivered to the park?
We will not facilitate this. If post is delivered as a matter of course, this would indicate the holiday home is being used as an only or main residence. However, if you wish to have a parcel delivered during your holiday, we will hold onto this in reception for you to collect.

Can I register for council tax in order to receive housing benefit?
No. Business rates and not council tax are charged for holiday homes. Paying council tax or receiving housing benefit to pay the pitch fees would be taken as a strong indication that it is being used as a main residence.

What happens if I break the holiday rule?
Your License agreement with us contains your undertaking to comply with the holiday rule. If you broke that we would ask you to stop doing so. If you were to fail to comply, we would be entitled to terminate the license agreement and ask you to remove the holiday home. The planning authority might also take action against you for breach of holiday rule.

 What if my circumstance change?
Your license agreement does not allow the holiday home to be used as a main residence, even on a temporary basis.

Can other people or holiday makers use my holiday home?
Your friends and family are welcome to use your holiday home. We do ask you notify us beforehand so we can give them a guess pass for the pool. You cannot sublet your accommodation for a profit.

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If you would like more information on owning your own holiday home on the Isle of Wight please email sales@orchardsholidaypark.co.uk or call our team on 01983 531 331. We’re available  Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm



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